Elegant Custom Photo Silk Scarf Gift for Mom sister grandmother friend/100% silk scarves made in the USA by Marlena

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This photo scarf selection consists of 8 straight edged photos. Complimentary ombre background. Choose your 2 RGB colors here, https://codebeautify.org/rgb-to-pantone-converter.Or we can make the background one color. Either way, you can use the color converter for accurate color. Any amount of photos may be added to your scarf. If you…

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Select a size, Small Size 14 x 62 inches (£165.21), Medium Size 14 x 65 inches (£169.34), Large Size 14 x 72 inches (£173.47), Small-Vignette-14×62 inches (£194.12), Med.-Vignette-14×65 inches (£202.38), Large-Vignette-14×72 inches (£223.03)

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